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Nestled in the heart of Vallejo, California, the Dos Hermanos Taco Food Truck is a tantalizing delight serving up authentic Mexican cuisine since 2005. Founded by Jesus and Juan Garcia, two brothers from Mexico, they owe their culinary prowess to their mother, their first and most influential teacher in the art of Mexican cuisine.
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Vallejo’s Culinary Voyage: First Stop, Tacos Dos Hermanos

Embarking on a Vallejo Culinary Journey: The Tacos Dos Hermanos Edition

What’s good at Tacos Dos Hermanos, you ask? In their words, “everything.” That’s a tall order for any spot, but this humble joint confidently delivers. On my quest to eat my way through Vallejo, Tacos Dos Hermanos was my first stop. Here’s the delicious lowdown.

To set the stage, this was my second visit. The buzz around town had praised their carnitas, so I decided to give them a try. I ordered three carnitas tacos, only to immediately second guess my decision. A mix of flavors is the essence of any good food adventure, right? So I ordered two more tacos – one chicken, one pastor.

More Than a Quick Bite: An Immersion in Authentic Flavor and Surprising Affordability

First surprise: the bill. Three tacos for 7.50 bucks, and the second pair? Just a fiver. An additional dollar got me a water bottle, keeping the total cost of the meal impressively low. Lunch was set for $13.50, more than filling and seriously wallet-friendly.

Tacos Dos Hermanos isn’t about fancy decor or a posh setting. But it’s got tables, some shade, and more than enough parking. The urban backdrop might not be postcard-worthy, but let’s be real – it’s all about the food.

First up, the much-hyped carnitas. The plate arrived, a colorful array of tacos accessorized with radishes, marinated carrots and jalapeno, grilled pearl onions, and even a slice of pineapple. The flour tortillas, dutifully doubled up, held the feast together.

dos hermanos taco plate over vallejo

Wrapping Up: Savoring the Last Bites and Reflecting on a Taco Triumph

The first carnitas was slightly dry but delicious nonetheless. The next two were spot on – crunchy, yet oozing with juicy goodness. A challenging balance achieved masterfully.

The chicken taco was a revelation. For a humble $2.50, I wasn’t expecting such tender, juicy chunks (possibly thigh meat?). The pastor, while less memorable, held its own. What elevated the meal was the topping ensemble. The marinated veggies and pineapple brought a salad-like freshness, a delightful contrast to the hearty meat.

Would I change anything? Well, I might have tried the shrimp taco, and perhaps scored some extra pineapple. But then, there’s always the next visit.

The service was friendly and prompt. My only minor gripe – I wish they’d recommended something. I’m always keen to try the staff’s favorite. But then again, if everything’s good, it’s all good, right?

Now, I understand why they confidently say “everything” is good. There’s a charm to their culinary prowess, making you want to try out their entire menu. But alas, as much as I’m tempted to return and delve deeper into their offerings, my culinary journey through Vallejo beckons me to new horizons.

In a nutshell, Tacos Dos Hermanos offers delicious tacos at unbeatable prices. Despite a steady stream of customers, there was never a long line, and the food arrived with perfect timing. For $12.50, I walked away with five phenomenal tacos.

The location is convenient, without the need to delve deep into town. Yes, the setting might not be the best – you’re next to a busy road and across from encampments – but remember, it’s all about the food.

Tacos Dos Hermanos: a definite go-to if you’re after a quick, budget-friendly meal that doesn’t skimp on flavor or satisfaction. My first venture into Vallejo’s food scene sets a high bar, but the journey is just beginning.

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